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Raeburn Quality Sampling Service

Raeburn service has been developed to provide all clients with the highest standards of on-site sampling and testing which has been designed to avoid cross contamination and obtain representative and traceable samples suitable for chemical testing of inorganic and organic compounds to suit our laboratories MCERTS requirements.

Raeburn on-site sampling unit is a fully self contained vehicle with an independent power and water supply, including bund and washing facilities. The equipment contained in the unit allows the operator to wash down all sampling equipment at the exploratory hole location between each sample run. The quality sampling unit operates under the Raeburn in-house environmental protocols and quality control procedures which ensures that the sampling technique is appropriate to the testing required and each sample is traceable from site to the laboratory.

Raeburn experienced site technicians, operatives and environmental scientists can use the quality sampling unit to complement any number of site investigation techniques.

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