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Plate Load Frame, Certified to 17T

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June 2010

Our custom built load frame has been certified as being capable of taking loads of up to 17T,a allowing us to test in-situ a greater variety of bearing capacities to UKAS accredited standards.

Plate load tests can be undertaken using either a suitable piece of plant supplied by the Client, for example a tracked excavator, or our custom built load frame now certified capable of taking loads of up to 17 tons.  Plate sizes of 300m, 450mm, 600mm and 750mm mean a large variety of test conditions can be created.

A plate load test is to find the bearing capacity and the settlement of a foundation, the plate is placed at the proposed level of the foundation and is subjected to incremental loading settlement. Each increment of the loading is measured and a load-settlement curve is plotted. Bearing capacity and the settlement of the foundation are determined from the Load-settlement curves.

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