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Self Build

Plot Acquisition, Home Improvements and "Self Build" Services

Raeburn are experienced in providing a range of services and consultancy for:

  • Pre-acquisition assessment of sites (contamination, mining, water supply, effluent discharge)
  • Pre-build check plot viability (contamination, foundation design, geothermal design, waterwell design, solar power design, wind turbine design)
  • Planning consent support

Raeburn can provide a full customised and high quality "desk study" for all of our clients.

Pre-Acquisition Assessment of Sites

Benefits and Features

  • Early identification of private water supply, effluent discharge, wind power, solar suitability.
  • Early Identification of Hazards
  • Mineral and foundation stability
  • Previous Site Use (contamination issues)
  • Low cost high benefit service

Planning and Design

Benefits and Features

  • Services Supporting Architects and Engineers
  • Foundation Design
  • Site Investigation (support throughout the planning process)

Environmental Assessment (support throughout the planning process).

Also see our other Capabilities information.