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In-House Stock

Raeburn maintains a comprehensive stock of materials and equipment within our depot. This allows us to maintain the momentum of any job and meet any pre-agreed deadlines without undue delay.

Our stock includes, but is not limited to

  • All lengths and diameters of UPVC and HDPE plastic well casings/screens, including threaded/push-on base caps and lids.
  • Piezometer tubes with ceramic/plastic tips, complete with threaded/push lids.
  • Gas monitoring valves (on-off valves fitted to a simple moulded rubber bung), or the latest clip on-off valve fitted to threaded/push on HDPE plastic lids.
  • Various sizes of lockable metal stick up/flush fitting borehole covers.
  • Large volume of ordinary cement; bentonite powder and pellets.
  • In-house fuel depot to supply drilling rigs and vehicles for up to 8 weeks in the event of a fuel shortage.
  • Raeburn can also have items manufactured in either plastic or metal to meet any individual client specification, usually within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Fully furbished and equipped in-house workshops with experienced and qualified mechanics for repair, service of vehicles, drilling rigs and equipment.

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