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Interpretative Report Service

Raeburn Environmental services, believe that a Phase 1 desk study should be undertaken for every site. Our desk studies are designed to meet the requirements of Local Authority Planning Departments and contain the following information as standard:
  • A site walkover study
  • A review of site history and published data relating to the site
  • The development of a conceptual site model and qualitative risk assessment
  • The suitability in geotechnical terms of the ground conditions of the site
  • Recommendations for the Phase 2 intrusive investigation (if required)
Following the completion of the Phase 1 investigative report, the results are used to inform the design of the Phase 2 Land Quality Investigation. This would comprise the following intrusive elements:
  • The formation of exploratory holes on site appropriate to the ground conditions, in order to obtain soil, rock and ground water samples for geotechnical and environmental laboratory analysis
  • Installation of monitoring stations to allow long term sampling and monitoring of ground water and gas
Raeburn reporting element of the Phase 2 investigation comprises a comprehensive review of field and laboratory data, to produce recommendations on the geotechnical and contamination aspects of the site. Foundation solutions appropriate to the ground conditions are presented together, a discussion of all other geotechnical factors that may impact on the proposed development.

Raeburn environmental part of the overall report contains a full analysis and assessment of the chemical data and provides a detailed comparison of the data with appropriate standards. The chemical data assessment forms the basis of an environmental risk assessment which determines the presence of any environmental hazards which may cause an unacceptable risk to human health and the wider environment. All this information is used to help refine the conceptual site model derived from the Phase 1 report. Raeburn can also provide recommendations for possible remediation strategies that will allow the development to proceed to the construction phase. Should remediation be carried out on the site then a validation report will be produced for the site.

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