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Raeburn Drillling & Geotechnical (Northern) Ltd have established a track record of involvement with major quarrying companies, drilling prospective sites throughout the British Isles.


  • Drillers with appropriate NVQ level 2 Qualifications and holding CSCS Cards
  • All lead Drillers are experienced in a wide range of exploration techniques in the mineral resource and extractive industries
  • With the emphasis on quality and safety, site operatives are wholly employed by the company remuneration is time based, not production bonus related.
  • Over 40 rotary and percussion rigs including various lorry, tractor and track mounted units incorporating a selection of chuck and top drive drilling equipment.


A wide range of drilling techniques including:

  • Reverse circulation
  • Conventional and wireline coring
  • Double or triple tube coring at diameters from 300mm to 125mm
  • Auger drilling (flight or hollow stem)
  • Down-the-hole hammer
  • Cable percussion
  • Sonic
  • Inclined (angled) boreholes can be drilled and their direction measured by electronic means to explore and define steeply dipping strata.

Dependent on the type of drill and technique, the following flushing options are available:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Air/Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Mud

The wide range of drilling equipment and skilled personnel allows an efficient, high quality mineral exploration service in hard and soft formations, in all terrains and Provision of a comprehensive service to the mineral exploration services

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