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Cable/Pipeline Route Testing

Cable/Pipeline Route Testing

High voltage cable routes, gas pipelines and major plant tie-ins will usually require significant ground investigation, both prior to, and during intrusive works. Information gained from these investigations is used right from the first conception of a project, firstly for early stage design purposes, costing and route selection, and then later for more detailed costing, material selection and production of realistic work timelines.

Compilation of a reliable and relevant geotechnical data-set early in a long term project, can save a great deal of time and money throughout the entire scope of works, and often highlight potential issues that could lead to extra costs and delays if not planned and accounted for.

In its capacity as a ground investigation contractor, with a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical (Northern) Ltd is well placed to supply almost any investigation or testing requirement from our Portlethen office, just south of Aberdeen.

Works we have previously been contracted to undertake in this specific regard include but are not limited to:

  • Trial pitting for general subsurface information.
  • Sampling for geotechnical, geochemical and environmental testing.
  • Borehole drilling, by cable percussive or rotary methods, to provide soil and rock samples for design information and further testing.
  • Thermal resistivity/conductivity testing in hand pits, machine excavated trenches, on borehole samples (soil and rock core), directly from ground surface, and on re-compacted laboratory samples.
  • Inclined drilling for investigation underneath water courses, roads, railways and land boundaries.

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